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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beer on The Roof

I made it past the initial three articles without getting fired by the content mill ! In my other world I am still a prisoner of corporation X but this minor triumph was my "Shawshank Redemption" beer on the roof, feel good moment of the week.  I know there is still a long arduous road ahead but there is hope !  On another front I had an interview this week for a job at a rival evil empire.  It was a position I had an expressed an interest in a while ago but the hiring managers were too busy with routine torture sessions of existing employers to get back to me sooner.  It is a weird feeling going into an interview knowing that you intend to walk away from the whole profession in the near future.  It is a sign of the times we live in though when the interviewer basically says "this job is shite, working here sucks and most people get fired," in the opening preamble but that is what happened.  The key to getting a corporate job these days is saying "I am used to working in a shite environment, in fact my last three jobs have been exceptionally shite.  I like nothing better than to be abused, verbally assaulted and on occasions threatened with physical violence.  To be honest sometimes I deliberately fall further short of the unrealistic goals than I otherwise would just so I can be abused."  Recruiters love to hear that so that is exactly what I told them.  A defector is a valuable commodity in a small town and often times they will throw a bit of extra money your way to begin with in the hope that you will reveal all of the secrets of your current employer but eventually it all ends in tears. 

I have decided to use this time while I still have a modest income from corporation X to invest some time in a novel I have been writing on and off ...for 16 years.  I hit the 20,000 word mark today so there is a chance that if I live to be 114 I will finish it and get it published.

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  1. If you can stand the abuse for just another century or two there might still be retirement to look forward to. On the bright side you already live in Florida(though not a good part of it).